What’s consistency got to do with it?


When I look back on my career or my business performance the time I most successful is when I was most consistent.  What do I mean by being consistent?  Basically showing up really to “play hard” every day.  We all have good days and days we don’t play our best.  To remember the words of my high school bowling coach,  “Just keep hitting the head pin, Larry the pins will fall. ”  I kept aiming at the head pin and almost bowled a 300 game.

To become better everyday we always have to keep focused where we are aiming and strive to hit our target.   Even if it something you don’t want to do or dislike doing.  Just grind it out, you will feel much better for completing the task.

Keep aiming at the head pin.  You are awesome!!


What has your Dad taught you?

Today is my dad’s birthday.  To honor my dad  I wanted to know what lesson your dad taught you?  Maybe it was your first lesson your dad taught you. Or a lesson you both look back on now and share a laugh together.

Share it and let’s learn together.

If you don’t have a dad what lesson has your father figure taught you?

 As fathers what are we teaching our sons and daughters?  Have you hugged them today or this week and told them you love them?  If not, do it today especially on Valentine’s day!!

Remember to add value to each other and keep learning!!

My earliest lesson I can remember

One lesson my dad taught me was how to fix a broken window.

I was pretending to be a major league batter in our back yard with my buddy and I fouled tipped a pitch and it went through one of our basement windows.

I am sure my dad was disappointed.

He used this situation as a learning moment.

He taught me how to take the broken glass  out of the frame – measure and and buy a piece of glass from the hardware store (yes I had to pay for it!)  and put the new glass in the window frame.

I broke the window and I learned how to fix a window!



What will be your story? 

Do you ever stop and think what your life  will be like 30, 40, or 50 years from now? If you haven’t done this give it a try…Covey called this technique “…thinking with the end in mind. “

The house above started my mind thinking about how my life would look 20 years from now.  I like this house and its features. I can see myself relaxing on the porch. And cool round room above the porch would be my reading room.

More importantly this house will hold the pictures of me and the millions of people I taught leadership to throughout my life.  People who went on to build great companies and serve thousands of employees by providing great careers.  This is what I want out of my life.

Because of this vision, I am now I am revamping my plan for this year to make that vision a reality in my life 20 years from now.  Life is about choices and you have to choose everyday to live the life you want.

So how about you? What does your story look like? Are you on the path to achieve it?

You always can adjust your direction to get to a different destination.

Let me know how you are doing. Send me a note or reply in the comments.

Achieving goals alone is hard work…It’s better working together!!

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