What has your Dad taught you?

Today is my dad’s birthday.  To honor my dad  I wanted to know what lesson your dad taught you?  Maybe it was your first lesson your dad taught you. Or a lesson you both look back on now and share a laugh together.

Share it and let’s learn together.

If you don’t have a dad what lesson has your father figure taught you?

 As fathers what are we teaching our sons and daughters?  Have you hugged them today or this week and told them you love them?  If not, do it today especially on Valentine’s day!!

Remember to add value to each other and keep learning!!

My earliest lesson I can remember

One lesson my dad taught me was how to fix a broken window.

I was pretending to be a major league batter in our back yard with my buddy and I fouled tipped a pitch and it went through one of our basement windows.

I am sure my dad was disappointed.

He used this situation as a learning moment.

He taught me how to take the broken glass  out of the frame – measure and and buy a piece of glass from the hardware store (yes I had to pay for it!)  and put the new glass in the window frame.

I broke the window and I learned how to fix a window!



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